13 September 2013 – 7 years old girl

A 7 years old girl been feeling headache, lost of balance , poor temper and failing in math assessmemt since last year dec. She developed high fever early this year and consulted a neuro doctor.

She was diagnosed with a cerebellar cyst, just between the dura and arachnoid layers.A operation was performed this April and the cyst was totally removed.

However, she still has the same symptoms as pre op. Her headache had been constant and worst since. She has been attending physio and Occupational therapy for the last few months, working on her balance and cognition. All therapy has not work for her. The neuro doctor suggests steroid injection to the brain /spine and a lumbar puncture as the next treatment. The patient’s parents are not comfortable with that approach and look for alternative. They also stop attending therapy.

The young gal was referred to me this aug. On assessment, she had :
1. Tight left upper trap and scelenes ( the cranial incision was performed to the left temporal/occipital region)
2.listening of restriction in left sagital suture and falx tentorial

4 sessions of treatment were given from aug till today. Cranial treatment was prescribed to improve the saggital suture and cranial membrane. Mum was taught a simple “ear pull” technique as home exercise. Treatment was progressively positive at each visit.

Today, mum feedback that :
1. The young gal temper has improved and she is passing her math assessment in school.
2. There is no more headache since
3. Her balance is no longer an issue.

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