26 August 2013 – Drunken patient….

A 30ish year old female patient has been feeling constant dizzy and in a state of “drunkness” following a boat trip back from bintan 3 weeks ago. She rated the dizziness at a VAS of 8 out of 10, 10 being the worst dizziness she felt. She felt she can’t walk straight

Last friday, on first assessment, she has:
1. Manual listening: restriction to the left mid tx dural
2. Anterior rotation of left temporal bone
3. Hypo mobility of left C1/2.
4. Tight left posterior scelene and elevated left 1st rib
5. Rotation of mid tx to the left
6. Ruled out of central and peripherial vestibular orgins

Rx for
1. Neural manipulation of the tx dural and falx tentorium
2. Temporal bone moblisation posteriorly
3. Spinal manipulation to the upper cx and tx spine
4. Fascial release of scelene.

Re assessment:
She felt less stiff in tx and neck. Isq for dizziness and walking

2nd session:
This am, she reported 80% improvement in her disability, one day post treatment till now. Only brought on dizziness if sudden motion

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