3rd November 2013 – 59 year old lady’s Little clinical wonder…

Last Friday, a 59 year old lady came in for complain of block nose, loss of smell and short of breath for few years. Medically she has been cleared for any cardiopulmonary diseases. She gets relief from needling for her block nose.
She could hardly complete a full sentence when i interviewed her.
Manual global listening lead to her liver. Local listening and mobility assessment of the liver indicate that the liver was posterior rotated and upward.
Manual therapy to her liver was performed to improve the liver anterior rotation and downward gliding. The cranial base was also release.
Interesting, during the liver release, she felt her nose cleared up and can speak without being out of breath.
On Saturday morning, the patient dropped me a sms. She said she could actually smell when she had dinner that night. She is breathing better too.
The wonder of our body ability for self-healing is amazing…

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