For Whom

Manual medicine is suitable for people of all ages who may have a wide variety of aches, pains and dysfunctions within their body. Manual medicine has both treatment and preventive components. It can be used to treat a condition as well as prevent a possible dysfunction or problem from arising.

We specialize in the treatment for following groups:

Chong Ching

Ng Chong Ching 

(Physiotherapist, specializing in Manual & Osteopathy treatment)

Professional Credentials

  • Msc Exercise & Sport (NTU, Spore)
  • Master Manual Therapy ( UWA, Aust)
  • Grad Cert Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (Curtin, Aust)
  • Bsc Physiotherapy (Curtin, Aust)
  • Dip Osteopathy (OCO, Canada)
  • Dip Biotechnology (SP, Spore)
  • DBC Certified