Dr Ng Chong Ching (DMT)

Founder of manualcircle

Professional Credentials

Chong Ching

  • Doctor of Manual Therapy (OGI, USA)
  • Msc Exercise & Sport (NTU, Spore)
  • Master Manual Therapy ( UWA, Aust)
  • Grad Cert Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (Curtin, Aust)
  • Bsc Physiotherapy (Curtin, Aust)
  • Dip Osteopathy (OCO, Canada)
  • Dip Orthopaedic Medicine (Cyriax) (ETGOM, Europe)
  • Dip Biotechnology (SP, Spore)
  • DBC Certified

Dr Ng Chong Ching is trained both as a Physiotherapist and Osteopath. He has been working with clients suffering from neuo-muscularskeletal pain and dysfunction since 1999. Now he practises as a Clinical Manual Therapist, encompassing various schools of manual therapy techniques

The application of osteopathic physiotherapy allows him to help sufferers with complex conditions, where physiotherapy or osteopathy alone cannot treat as effectively.

Chong Ching is actively teaching manual therapy to physiotherapists both locally and overseas. He currently runs his Clinical Manual Therapy workshop series both locally and abroad. He is also constantly upgrading his skills and knowledge by undergoing manual medicine-related courses. He believes that only through constant learning and teaching will his therapy skills evolve and benefit his patients. After all, he reckons that his existence as a therapist is solely for patients – he has the hands that serve the sufferers.

Contact Information:

Email: manualcircle@gmail.com